About me

My name is Cornelius Dämmrich and I was born in East Berlin in 1989. I took my first steps into digital-everything when I was 6 years old, touching a 28 MHz PC for the first time. From there I drew Michael Denio’s “Captain Comic” and the sinking Titanic a couple hundred times. As I got older, I became a regular attendee on LAN parties, which gave me my first encounter with Photoshop. Later, I completely divulged myself into the world of GFX murals and pseudo-3D interface design before switching completely to 3D and everything related to it.

I create 3D environments with a combination of various 3D Programs. Due to my specialization in environment design, you will rarely find humans or animals included in my work. Instead, all you will find are signs of life: remainings of activities, scratches or marks of somewhat dealing with its surroundings. Sometimes I try to change this, sometimes I don’t.

I am experienced in using Cinema 4D, Vray, Photoshop and After Effects. I also use Zbrush from Pixelogic, Unfold 3D, Illustrator and Premiere Pro.

In my freetime I love to watch movies and take long walks around tiny lakes and ponds. Welcome to my website.


I studied at MHMK Cologne and finished with a bachelor degree in comunictation & graphic design. My work includes several published and awarded 3D artworks, far future concepts for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Logo Animations.


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