Animago Nomination 2016 & The Idea of Sharing

Hello Peeps,

The great people from the Animago Award & Conference nominated my latest piece 52Hz for the best still award. There is a public voting and I’d like you guys to vote for whatever artwork you think is best.


Haze didn’t win in 2014 and my friends constantly punished me with compassionate looks on my way back home. It was a horrible yet nice gesture. This year is another chance to get alot of compassionate you-will-become-the-leonardo-dicaprio-of-cgi looks when you vote for anyone but me! So – vote, even if it’s not for me!


Another great thing that happende recently was the purchase of one fancy AF video capture card. That means that all the dirty stuff that is happening on my screen can now go to the internet (in color!). There were plenty of requests prompting me to make tutorials and to teach people things. Usually everything I said was „Ney“, and excuses why this would cost performance and the lost of my „unique“ skillsets and knowledge. But not anymore! I can now record anything up to a yet unkown lenght, without losing any performance, because the video capture card is an external device.

The argument that I’d give away all my secrets was rendered invalid by the insight (thanks to Ash for that) that everything that makes my work unique, comes from the things that influence me as an artist/person/human/mammal, from the first to the very last day of my life. Everything I watched, listened or read led to this.

And as a small start, I made a 45 minute long timelapse of me playing around in Fusion360, C4D and Octane for 7 hours.

There’s also the possibility to download the video, including all the scene files, textures and shaders for free on gumroad. If you like it, you can also buy it for what you think it’s worth.

Download via Gumroad


That’s it.